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Hello, I'm Gina Russell.


Think of me as a CCO whisperer. Fluent in the languages of design and business, I translate between them to rethink the way work gets done in creative organizations. The result: great work with less stress, more return

 My clients are design and production studios, creative agencies, startups and in-house creative departments. Their creative excellence is complemented by my project management and operational expertise.

In creative environments, the best way to connect dots is not always a straight line. My solutions are both practical and flexible, designed to respect the creative culture while meeting business objectives.

RussellProject Consulting. Strategies for business success, designed for creatives.

Making creative work.

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Gina works miracles! She is brilliant and has amazing insights to address process, communications and workflow in design and technology firms.

Gina has made a profound, and I mean profound, difference at Unified Field. In less than 3 months she identified, analyzed and implemented processes to improve communications and increase efficiencies. She provided well-crafted and responsive solutions for both immediate and long-term results. The benefits have been a direct hit for our firm and our clients.
— Marla Supnick, President, Unified Field Interactive Design
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Finding answers to your questions about business productivity.


  • Can the creative process be managed?

  • How do you know when it should be “pencils down” time?

  • Can project management improve profitability?

Through a discovery process we will identify your concerns about how work gets done in your organization, uncover root causes and craft workable solutions.


  • Workflow process redesign

  • Resource allocation

  • Tool strategy

  • Project management best practices

  • Lean/six sigma methodology

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  • How can you figure out what clients really want, not what they say they want?

  • What can you do to build positive client relationships that lead to repeat business and referrals?

  • Do you have to say yes when clients keep asking for changes?

We will build strong relationships and increased profitability by developing strategies to define your clients' expectations while helping them to understand yours.


  • Stakeholder management

  • Project scoping

  • Change order process

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“People don’t resist change, they resist being changed.” - Peter Senge

  • How can you build collaborative teams?

  • Are there ways to allocate resources between projects to motivate and develop talent while balancing workload?

  • What are the best ways to incentivize performance and retain valuable staff?

We will develop organizational structures that are adaptive and work within your company’s culture. Through involving and listening to all stakeholders we will evolve the organization organically rather than imposing text book formulas.


  • Adaptive organizational architecture

  • Team development


  • Are there systems and processes that will support your business growth?

  • How can you succeed in an ever-changing competitive environment?

    We will create roadmaps to implement changes that support your business goals, prepare you for future unknowns and will be adopted successfully.


  • Change management

Gina’s emotional intelligence when it comes to human resource management is unmatched.
— Morton Futrell, Executive Director, Retail Design and Development Center, The Estée Lauder Companies
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What does a typical consulting engagement consist of?

Every engagement starts with a conversation, or several, with the organization’s principals and possibly with key stakeholders. I try to have a broad-ranging discussion that explores the specific concerns that have brought them to seek my help as well as the bigger picture of the company’s work and culture. There is no charge for this exploratory stage and most clients find that they gain valuable, actionable insights from it.

From there, I create a proposed scope of work with clear objectives, timelines and fees. The work is broken into independent phases, each with defined deliverables. Clients can choose to engage me for one or more phases.

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Gina is a wonderful combination of smart, strategic thinker and empathetic, supportive colleague.
— Michael Tagle, Creative Director
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Email: gina@russellprojectconsulting.com

Phone: 917-318-3382


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